The Guild

Tietokilta ry (TiK) is the guild for computer science students. Like all other guilds in Otaniemi, we are part of the Student Union of Aalto University - AYY. Tietokilta has about 800 student members of which most study degree programme in computer science.

Main purposes of Tietokilta are to take care of its members’ benefits and to ensure their comfort. We have many different functions: guild helps in studies, takes care of connections with CSE Department, organizes free time activities, excursions into companies and helps new students to find many forms of student life. Apart from degree program students we take care of graduates and exchange students.

On the study side the guild gathers feedback from studies and maintains exam archive. Free-time activies include excursions to companies and to other student activies elsewhere, sauna-evenings and bit more sophisticated feasts and anniversaries. Guild has also sports activies organized by group called AthleTiKs.Join the AthleTiKs Telegram Group Chat. We have our own paper called Alkorytmi.

Around first of May and in other big events guild members can be recognized from all black overalls. Our unofficial @-logo can be seen at the back of our overalls.

Tietokilta ry has been a registered organization since 2002. More information can be found at Finnish pages. In those pages are our official rules and more information about who we are and how things work in our guild.

If you have any questions about the guild or you want to join the international mailing list, you can contact the members of the board.

Telegram groups:

Voluntary work

Guild is run completely by dedicated student volunteers. Executive committee leads the guild and is chosen by yearly election. We have also other committees and officials helping in daily work and organizing different events. Any interested person can of course organize their own events. Guild may support their events if it fits in the purposes of our guild. You can find info about the future events and the sign ups for events that require one here

Our guild is deeply grateful for all those volunteers that have made things possible. Without their ideas, planning and hard work we wouldn’t be here today. All work is purely voluntary but as they say, work is it’s own reward (and of course guild rewards active people in non-monetary ways).

Short history

Computer science study program was founded in 1984. New students were at first under the wings of Guild of Electrical Engineering and our Tietokilta was founded few years later at Februrary 1986.

In later years our guild has been a father for two other guilds. In 1998 department of Automation and Systems Technology was founded. Their students were at first members of Tietokilta. Later on they founded their own guild. Still today their violet overalls have a black sleeve as a reminder of their early days. In 1999 new degree programme of Information Networks was founded. Those degree students got their own guild Athene in beginning of 2003. They have also black sleeve in their overalls as reminder of early years.

More information, memories and photographs can be found at Finnish histo.tik pages.