Committee descriptions and applications 2024

This page contains descriptions of each of the guild’s committees and their application forms. If a link doesn’t work or something else is broken, please contact the vice chair via Telegram @labbbis or email!

Corporate Relations Committee (chair Mikko Juusti, @Mikmokki)

The most important task of the corporate relations committee is to handle the communication between Tietokilta and its partner corporations. Working in the committee enables you to grow your network with leading companies in the field, as well as provides valuable experience in business cooperation. In addition to communication, the committee also performs other varying tasks, such as organizing excursions, selling sponsorship packages, preparing a recruitment magazine and maintaining the guilds recruitment platform, as well as building the guild’s largest recruitment event UraTiKAS. You can ask more about the committee and its tasks from the head of corporate relations!

Apply to the Corporate Relations Committee:

Study Committee (chair Elsa Schumacher, @elsaschu)

The main responsibility of the Study Committee is to represent the interests of students towards the University and to provide information on study matters to the students. The activities can be roughly divided into three parts.

Firstly, under the leadership of the Head of Academic Affairs, the study committee influences the university’s decision-making process in cooperation with AYY and study committees from other guilds. In the study committee, you can participate as a halloped and also as a regular committee member. Hallopeds represent students at meetings of the university’s administrative organs. Other members may also participate in some advocacy activities, such as the Bachelor curriculum development workshop.

Secondly, the study committee organizes, with funding from the university, the Bachelor’s pulla servings for graduating students and, as a larger event, the exchange sauna for those interested in exchange studies.

The third role is day-to-day lobbying and information dissemination to students, for example by solving problems in courses, maintaining Tenttiarkisto (exam archive) and Varjo-opinto-opas. In addition to these, the Study Committee is responsible for conducting study surveys to get a broader picture of students’ views.

Apply to the Study Committee:

Internal Committee (chairs Totti Luukkanen, @tottiluukkanen & Vili Virtanen @vilivirtanen)

The internal committee, more commonly known as sisis, organizes sitsis, afterparties, and afterafterparties for the guild and takes care of the food and drink side of the events. The committee is led by the Host and Hostess, assisted by the members of the committee. In the committee, you get to plan and come up with ideas for the guild’s events, be involved in the arrangements, see and get to know the events and teekkari culture from a completely different perspective.

In the committee, you can concretely do all kinds of things from cooking to decorating, cleaning and planning. No prior knowledge or experience is required, you learn by doing! However, we expect enthusiasm and a good attitude from the applicants! Remember: the best parties are in the kitchen!

Apply for the internal committee:

External Affairs Committee (chair Lasse Kukkula, @lassekukkula)

Tietokilta’s committee of external affairs organizes fun excursions both in Finland and abroad. The committee also takes care of the guild’s external affairs with other guilds in different forms, such as by participating in TiTeenit and having sitsis with them.

The style in which we do it doesn’t matter, join me in making the guild a bit more connected!

Apply for the External Affairs Committee:

Alumni Committee (chairs Minea Erviö, @misse & Henri Tunkkari, @grilliburgeri)

The mission of the Alumni Committee is to maintain connections with the guild’s alumni, offering them and current members the opportunity to network and share experiences. The committee is open to both current students regardless of their year of study, and alumni! The Alumni Committee has a few events that have become traditional, such as the Alumni Glögi, but a major focus next year will be on experimenting and testing new concepts.

If you have any questions, please contact @misse or @grilliburgeri on Telegram or by smoke marks.

Apply for the Alumni committee:

Culture Committee (chair Emilia Repo, @kulttuuri)

In the Culture Committee, you have the opportunity to organize cultural activities, possibly with a slight teekkari twist. As the concept of culture is broad, the committee contains a variety of event concepts.

Within the committee, you can brainstorm and implement ideas. Traditional event formats have included group outings to Teekkarispeksi and RWBK concerts, various tasting nights, homebrewing competitions, and the legendary UFO-sitsit. This year, the committee aims to organize numerous new events and establish a film club for the guild.

Joining the committee doesn’t require special skills or previous experience; an interest in culture is sufficient! The Master of Culture and the rest of the committee provide support in organizing events. However, when filling out the application form, please mention what you would like to organize throughout the year!

Apply for the Culture Committee:

Digitalization Committee (chair Joonatan Korpela, @joonatan_aatos)

The Digitalization Committee is looking for enthusiastic guild members who are interested in Tietokilta’s IT infrastructure and its development. The committee is also a great place to gain practical experience in software development. The main goal for the coming year is to continue developing the new guild website, but also to develop and maintain other guild digital services.

There is a need for at least the following skills within the committee:

General software development: Currently our main tools are TypeScript, Node.js and React but there is probably still room for change. However, the aim is to use as widely used technologies as possible to ensure that skilled developers can be found in the future as well. There is a need for both experienced and novice contributors - all help is welcome!

Architectural design, cloud computing and DevOps: most of Tietokilta’s IT infrastructure will be migrated to the cloud in the future, so there is a need for cloud expertise in the committee. Experience with containers (such as Docker) and IaC (such as Terraform) are also important.

Design (UI/UX): The Digitalization Committee also needs a visual eye and the ability to design functional and good-looking user interfaces. The design of UIs will primarily be done in Figma.

Apply for the Digitalization Committee:

Gaming Committee (chair Niklas Järvinen, @nikk_ee)

The gaming committee organizes all kinds of game related events. Now the most common of them, have been the extremely fun board game nights, but we also organize other events, such as LANs, Discord events, Smash tournaments, Magic the Gathering events and Dungeons and Dragons events. The gaming committee also maintains the guilds board and video game library and gets new games when necessary. By joining the gaming committee you can directly affect the guild’s gaming culture as well as gaming events, and you can also affect what games can be found at the guild room.

If you have even a small spark of an idea for a gaming event or something else related to the gaming committee, I strongly encourage you to apply to the gaming committee! Also if you have any interest in games and you want to have even a small effect on the gaming committee, or you just want to help out a little, you should definitely apply! In the gaming committee you pretty much can decide yourself, how much you wish to contribute. You can just come and focus on the things that interest you, even if they are only a small part of the gaming committee.

TL;DR You should apply if you are even a little interested in games!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on TG @nikk_ee!

Apply for the Gaming Committee:

Grandma Committee (chair Iiro Poutiainen, @poutiiro)

The Grandmas’ most important mission is to bring everyone together by organizing cozy and relaxed events for the members of our guild - and that’s where we need you! The grandma club has developed and expanded since its founding and nowadays it’s mostly known for baking and sewing events. The committee also organizes Grandma-sitsit and a trip to fluffy alpaca farm yearly. We also try new concepts and ideas when possible.

As a committee member you get to organize and plan amazing events and the amount of work largely depends on your eagerness and motivation, so no pressure! You also don’t need any special cooking or other skills - only interest and desire to help is enough :) Welcome!

Apply to the Grandma Committee:

Guild Magazine Committee, Rytmiryhmä (editor-in-chief Samuli Yli-Salomäki, @Ylisamuli)

The guild magazine committee, Rytmiryhmä (“rhythm group”), is responsible for the publication of the guild magazine, Alkorytmi. As a member of the editorial team, you can have a strong influence on the magazine’s content and you can produce all kinds of printed content to the guild’s delight. The goal is that the magazine looks like its editorial team. No previous experience is required.

Everyone is able to express themselves in the way they want and the editorial team has a wide range of roles to offer. If you have the passion for good stories, are a graphic genius, or have a master’s degree in jokes and memes, then go try your journalistic wings by editing our guild magazine. If you did not meet any of these criteria, you are definitely the right person to join the Rytmiryhmä!

So come and join us in delivering our (ir)regularly published guild magazine. You can contribute to a more regular pace of publication and continue to make sure that the magazine is known for its outstanding quality. After all, it is the best magazine produced by CS students in Otaniemi.

If you have any questions you can contact me on TG @YliSamuli

Apply to Rytmiryhmä:

Guild Merchandise Committee (chair Elli Mattila, @ellimattila)

The guild merchandise committee’s responsibilities include inventing, designing and selling guild merchandise like clothes and overall badges. It is also the committee’s task to find out what kind of products the members of the guild want. The committee can design products by itself, but new products can also be developed with product design competitions. In such a competition the members of the guild would get to propose ideas and sketches for new products.

Joining the committee does not require special skills or previous experience, instead you get to learn and try out new things. Crazy ideas are appreciated! Feel free to message @ellimattila on Telegram if you have any questions about the Committee.

Apply to the Guild Merchandise Committee:

Guild Room Committee (chair Justus “Zen” Hansen, @zendih)

The main goal of the Guild Room Committee upkeep the guild room and its development. The committee aims to make the guild room a nice and cozy place for all the guild members. The committee also arranges big cleaning events among other things.

Applying to the committee doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge. If you’re interested in contributing to the future of the guild room, feel free to apply! All ideas to improve the guild room are welcome!

If you were left with any question, you can message me in telegram: @zendih

Apply to the Guild room committee:

N Committee (chairs Milja Rantanen, @miljja & Juho Pellinen, @joeov)

The N Committee (Nth year committee) organizes events for N-minded people, regardless of when they started their studies. The N-Committee aims to get older guild members excited about guild events with for example the N-point card.

In practice this involves conceptualizing and organizing events. Examples of N-Committee’s events include Nth year sitsis, the N headstart and the summer’s afterwork season. This year the committee will try to improve N-activities accross guild borders especially with other SCI’s N representatives and committees!

Apply to the N committee:

Publicist’s Committee (chair Roosa Rauhala, @roosarauhala)

The Publicist’s committee is responsible for the Computer Science Guild’s information flow, for example via weekly mails and Telegram bulletins. Additionally, the committee manages the guild’s social media channels, such as Instagram and TikTok. Possible roles in the Communications committee include, for example, content producer and photographer. Content producers create content for the guild’s social media accounts, while photographers take pictures of events. One may also come up with their own role if they wish to do so. If the guild’s communications interest you, feel free to send an application!

Apply to the Publicist’s committee:

Songmaster Committee (chair Petrus Asikainen, @purkka)

The Songmaster Committee is your best opportunity to influence the guild’s song culture! While you’ve surely heard the songmasters’ stories at various sitsit, their responsibilities also include many other things, from planning the song selection at sitsit to playing their part in managing the events, in close collaboration with other organizers.

In addition to songmastering on sitsis, the committee organizes various song culture related events, such as songwriting, practice sitsit for new songmasters, and the Kovalevy songbook sing-through. The songmasters are also present in events such as Lalasauna to teach songs to the new generations and inspire everyone to sing more.

So, if you’re interested in song culture, you should definitely apply to the songmaster committee! For new committee members, the only real criterion is genuine interest in song culture – you’ll learn everything else by doing!

Apply to the songmaster committee:

Sports Committee (chair Arttu Kauppinen, @arttukaup)

Are you passionate about sports and interested in influencing our guild’s sports events? Apply to join the Sports Committee!

The Sports Committee is responsible for managing the guild’s sports activities and organizing sports-related events for its members. Participating in the committee doesn’t require much time, making it an ideal opportunity for those who love sports but have limited spare time.

Events can include a variety of sports activities, such as trying different sports. As a committee member, you’ll have the opportunity to influence the guild’s sports activities through event planning and organization, spreading the joy of sports to the entire guild. An extensive sports background isn’t necessary for joining; your enthusiasm is what matters most!

Apply to the Sports Committee:

Student Marketing Committee (chair Otso Mikkilä, @otso_mikkila)

The student marketing committee is responsible for marketing tietokilta and computer science in general to high school students. As a member you can for example visit your own high school (or any other high school), participate in various events such as Koe Aalto-kampus and Shaking Up Tech, or produce content for the guild’s social media accounts. In 2021 the committee organized a day for high school students in co-operation with Inkubio and the guild of physics.

In addition to high school visits our next year’s goal is to be more active in social media and possibly arrange another event for high school students.

Join the student marketing committee if any of the previous activities interested you!

Apply to the Abi Marketing Committee:

Van Committee (chair Atte Ikola, @Amikola15)

After a year of hard work the guild finally has its own van. So the guild’s youngest committee continues its existence. As the name implies the committee is responsible for maintaining the guild van, developing the reservation system and eventually renting out the van. As the youngest committee how the committee acts and its traditions are up in the air so the committee members have a high amount of influence on them. So if your interested in working with the guild van or advance guilds abilities in general feel free to apply to the committee!

If you have any questions send a message to me on telegram or just ask me directly at some event.

Apply for the van committee: